// Types of Public Transportation in Milan

As long as you are not renting a car in Milan (and really, there’s not much reason to rent a car in any of Italy’s big cities), that leaves you with three major forms of public transit.


Like many big cities around the world, Milan has a subway system. It’s not as huge or extensive as the subways in Paris, London, or New York, but the three lines serve almost all the tourist stops in the city (as well as plenty of other places besides).

You can calculate the best journey by public transportation by clicking on the website https://giromilano.atm.it/#/home/


The other main rail-based transport in Milan is the city’s network of trams. There are more tram lines than subway lines, and depending on where you are in the city these can be really convenient to get where you’re going.


Milan’s buses cover many of the same areas that the Metro and trams do, but they also go a bit further afield than those other two transportation methods.